Streaming Vivox Voice chat into FMOD for effects

Just as a pre-warning, I’m still learning coding at the moment so C++ is still relatively new to me, but I have a grasp of most topics.

I have currently got FMOD, Vivox and UE4 working, but I now want to stream voice data from Vivox into FMOD so we can apply effects (such as reverbs etc using snapshots).

I have a programmer event setup within the studio and have a pretty solid understanding of studio side workings. The part I need help with is transferring this stream of data into the programmer event in C++. Since this data isn’t going to live static on the client but fed from the Vivox server, how do I achieve getting this data into the programmer event?

Any help would be immensely appreciated, thanks!

I am unfamiliar with the Vivox API, but assuming you can get PCM data out of the clientside audio buffers somehow then you will be able to send it to an FMOD Studio Programmer Instrument using Sound::lock and Sound::unlock , or by implementing a FMOD_SOUND_PCM_READ_CALLBACK .
With either of these options you can populate an FMOD::Sound with PCM data from Vivox, then you can use an FMOD_STUDIO_EVENT_CALLBACK to assign the FMOD::Sound to your the Programmer Instrument on the FMOD_STUDIO_EVENT_CALLBACK_CREATE_PROGRAMMER_SOUND callback type.
If you haven’t come across it already, we have a C++ example on how to setup Programmer Sound callbacks: Programmer Sound Scripting Example.