Tune in a Radio with 2 dials (Unity/FMOD Studio)

Actually making a puzzle (Unity, FMOD Studio) where you have to rotate two dials in order to tune in a radio (to hear something special like music or people talking). I have though on making a parameter that moves the play cursor but I dont manage to find how.
The thing is turning both dials in certain position makes the solution audio hearable, other configuration results in radio static. I want to change the static with the movement as it is in real life.

I am currently blocked since I have not yet the experience with this program. Any ideas on how to put this?

You can implement this in FMOD Studio by adding a parameter sheet to an FMOD Studio event, and then laying out insturments along hat parameter such that the “correct” instrument is only triggered when the parameter is at the correct value, and that instruments that play static loops are triggered at other values. That gets you one of your “dials.”

To get the second dial, add a parameter trigger condition to the instruments at the “correct” position on the first parameter, such that that instrument only plays when the second parameter is also at the correct value.

Then all your game needs to do is set the values of the two parameters whenever the user adjusts the in-game dials. The details of setting a event instance’s parameter vary depending on your game engine.

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Amazing! Thank you very much! Now I have two dials connected twith the trigger as you said, addeda little transition and it works flawlessly :smiley: