Unity 5.4 or 5.5 freezes when I debug my code.

(João Bertolino) #1

Hi, it’s the first time that I use FMOD in a Unity project. We started the project without FMOD in mind, but the sound designer requested that we use it. The project was working fine. When I added the FMOD plugin integration for Unity and, when I debug the code, Unity crashes. I deleted the FMOD plugin and now I can debug normally.

(Cameron Baron) #2

Unity has logfiles it prints to when it runs. Try checking those to see if you can at least narrow down the last thing to execute before crash.

(João Bertolino) #3

Unity crashes and does not store any log message.

(Cameron Baron) #4

I might need some more information, what version of the integration are you using?
Have you tried re-importing the integration into the project?
Are you getting any warnings or errors at all in the editor before this happens?

If you would like to link a project that reproduces this error I could take a look.