Unity event browser says event is Streaming when FMOD Studio says it is not?


Using FMOD Studio v2.00.09 and Unity 2019.4.8f1.

Just changed an event’s asset to no longer be streaming in FMOD Studio. Rebuilt the banks and imported them into our Unity project.

Now when I view the event in the FMOD Events window in the Unity editor the Streaming label still reports true for the event. I would expect it to report false.

What’s going on? How do I know it is setup correctly to not stream?


An Event will report as streaming if any asset it references is set to stream, is there a chance that there is another streaming asset used by the Event?


As far as I can tell by inspecting all the assets used in the event’s tracks in FMOD Studio’s Event Editor window and confirming they are not set to stream in the Audio Bin window.

However, I am not an audio designer. I am just a programmer debugging a stream buffer starvation issue. So if there is some way to inspect all audio assets referenced by an event that would be helpful for me to know. Is there such a way in FMOD Studio?

Actually I think I just figured out how to get all references by right-clicking the event and using the Find References option and I have confirmed none of those assets are set to stream.

Also now that I have switched platforms in Unity a couple of times since posting this issue the Unity FMOD Events window is now correctly reporting that the event in question is not streaming.

So this appears to be an issue with refreshing the database in Unity after new banks are imported.

Perhaps when you built in FMOD Studio you were building banks for a different platform compared to the play-in-editor platform selected in Unity?

No I built all banks for all platforms.

I even closed and reopened Unity and pretty sure I did a manual bank refresh via the FMOD menu in the Unity editor. I also confirmed that the new banks were copied to Streaming Assets folder correctly before making my original post.

I’m sure switching platforms invalidated the FMOD cache in some way that after it did the bank copy the database was updated properly.

That very strange, please let us know if the issue comes back, we’d love to reproduce the issue so it can be fixed.