Unity-specific performance considerations between desktop Mac/PC and mobile iOS/Android?

Preamble: I’ve used https://www.fmod.com/docs/2.00/studio/profiling.html before.

And I know that for mobile, some assets might benefit from specific compression, hence build multiple banks.

I’ve read some other recent threads (great to see people sharing their knowledge!).

But overall, I’m curious if there are any Unity-specific performance considerations to keep in mind, especially with lots of FMOD Studio effects processing chains in use. CPU has come a long way, and I’m presuming the Pitch Shifter (as an example) isn’t as heavy as it used to be considered 5 years ago.

Is there anything else worth knowing re: audio optimization when using FMOD with Unity on a game that will have both desktop and mobile versions? Specifically even when doing things on desktop, considering how they will scale to mobile. (Like the graphics rendering counterpart of being economical with realtime lighting.)

The most expensive effects in FMOD Studio are the Pitch Shifter and the Convolution Reverb. The Effects Reference has notes on the relative costs of each DSP and things you can do to reduce load. The Platform Details doc has performance considerations for each platform, and the CPU Performance Whitepaper has more general advice for audio optimization.

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@jeff_fmod Great roundup Jeff, thanks for compiling those links, I appreciate you taking the time. I look forward to your answer helping others in the future with the same questions.

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