Videoplayer and clockrate?

The solution in the screenshot works but I can’t find out what clock rate the Unity videoplayer is using? I presume if it’s using frame time, this workaround will only be accurate on some computers.

Just to clarify - are you trying to account for audio vs video clock rate, or a loading delay causing a desync between audio and video? Your code seems to be addressing a sample load delay, but your post mentions clock rate.

That said, I’d recommend taking a look at our documentation on Sample Data Loading to understand how loading sample data works in FMOD, and how you can preload sample data and check that the data has been loaded. You may also wish to take a look at our Video Playback Scripting Example and Unity’s VideoPlayer Documentation.

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Thanks for your reply! And now I feel like a right numptie haha!

Yes, what I’m considering would of course be the sample loading time and not the clock rate. Thanks for the resources I’ll check how they can help with my project.



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