Visual Studio Bindingsgenerator Warning

Recently released Visual Studio 17.6.5 throws the following warning when building a Xamarin game project with FMOD 2.02.15 (I think Visual Studio 17.6.4 didn’t give this warning):

2>BINDINGSGENERATOR : warning BG8403: Type ‘Org.Fmod.FMOD’ has a type name which matches the enclosing namespace name. See Warning BG8403 Type Name Matches Namespace Name · xamarin/java.interop Wiki · GitHub for more information.

It looks like there is a type called FMOD within a namespace called FMOD, or something like that, which is not recommended by Microsoft. It would would be good to know if this is intended, and if not, then what is the recommended fix to suppress the warning?


The Fmod namespace containing the type name FMOD is intended. If you wish to suppress the warning, you can add it to Project → Project Properties → Build → Error and warnings → Suppress warnings, or manually add the suppression to your project’s .csproj, the code for which is at the bottom of the GitHub page you linked that details the warning.

Thanks. I added that BG code to warning suppression.