Weird behaviour when commiting changes to git

I’ve made a unity project, integrated fmod and already posted the repository. But every time someone makes a new event, build and commit it to me, even though I pull the new att, I still have to open the fmod project and build before I can hear anything at unity, if I don’t build, even though the event is already in the project since I pulled it, it doesn’t work saying that there is no “new event”. And as I’m building something which should already be working, when I open github desktop, it says I’ve made a new change and I have to commit/push, it’s some kind of loop.

this is the error I get, and if I open the project in fmod, the event is there, but I have to build before it works in unity

The event path (string) might be used in the Unity but unless the newly built banks with the new event is present it won’t be able to find it. Please ensure that any changes made to the FMOD Studio project include the latest built banks with the Unity project.