c++/CLI Wrapper


I’ve built some code in C++ using FMOD. For building a GUI around it, I’m trying to make a wrapper class that should make a DLL out of the code that can be reused in CLR.
However, I get an error C1189, telling me that there is one or more mutexes used in the code, which is incompatible with the CLR mode. Does anyone have a suggestion about how I can solve this ?

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CLR wrapping isn’t a supported usage of FMOD, it may very well be possible but we have no expertise in this area so unfortunately cannot advise on this matter.

Hopefully someone in the FMOD community can assist you further.

Hi Mathew,

Is there another way of connecting it to a CLR environment to be able to provide it with a GUI ?

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You might be able to compile our C# wrapper as a managed library and use that. That approach seems similar to what you are doing which makes me think the mutex error is coming from your code somehow (we don’t use mutex in our headers). I’m certainly not an expert in this area though, you might have more luck on StackOverflow.