[C#] iOS and Monogame integration (dll not found)

Hello guys!

First of all i would like to say that I’m fairly new to any kind of unmanaged code, working with .dlls and those kind of stuff, so I’m kinda lost when I try to setup my MonoGame project with Fmod…
I got everything running with the basic C# wrapper on the Windows platform and everything running just fine on this beautiful sound engine that is solving all my audio problems ever, but when I try to build my iOS version it returns me the following error: “System.DllNotFoundException: fmodex” Even though the .dll is inside of the generated .app with all the others .dlls, .exes, assemblies, whatever are they called.

Why is it giving me this error? Should I use another version of this fmodex.dll instead of just copypasting from my windows project?

Just adding some information:
I’m building this project using Visual Studio 2010 and building on a Mac via Xamarin.iOS Build Host.
And I just dragged the .dll to the project and set Copy to Output Directory as Copy if Newer, as I did with the windows project.

Since iOS statically links FMOD you need to tell C# that the FMOD symbols are in the current binary.

The way we do this for Unity is replace the fmod.dll string with:
public const string dll = “__Internal”;