Error On EventNotFoundException and VCANotFoundException

Hello, we are a team trying to implement the Localization for our games.

The error happens when we untick Load all Event Data at Initialization. And in the script, we load all the required banks except for the language banks.

But this error of EventNotFoundException and VCANotFoundException happens when we load the banks by scripts.

In the main camera, we already put in the studio listener index based on the forum I checked regarding the VCA error. Any kind of help we can get from is really appreciated. Thank you.

Some solution I was thinking is that do we need to load the banks in the initialization before the game even starts.

FMOD Studio Version : 1.10.11
FMOD Studio Unity Integration Version : 1.10.11
Unity Version : Unity 2018.4.17f1

Are you calling your LoadBank function before the StudioEventEmitters are being triggered?
It looks like they are using OnEnable as the trigger to start the events and GetVCA is being called from MusicManager.Awake.