Event not found with bank loaded succesfully

Hey there, basically I’m working in a VR project with a programmer instrumment but there is an error that says “EventNotFoundException: [FMOD] Event not found: {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000} ()” even if the bank that contains the event is loaded which I was checking with RuntimeManager.HasBankLoaded(). I am setting from unity editor the event reference with the code “public FMODUnity.EventReference m_eventName;” and in the editor the event appears in the list, but is not recognizing the reference. I already deleted FmodStudioCache.asset

The FmodSettings in unity:

The configuration for the event reference:

The code that is checking the bank loaded and how is starting the event instance (m_eventName is the variable that is locating the reference setted in the editor):

The event is into a folder but is already assigned to the bank:

And here is my build configuration:

Fmod studio and Fmod plugin for unity both are in 2.02.13 version

Thanks for your time, and hope you can help me!


Thank you for all the information and the screenshots.

Is this happening in a build or Unity Editor on your computer?

Could you please try adding Desktop as a Project Platform:

Can you please tick Enable API Error Logging, set your Logging Level to “Warning”, and post the full console log here?

It works, thank you!