Godot 4 and FMOD integration - Best practice?

Thanks all, noted.

Hi Leah - Add me to the list of interest for a Godot-FMOD official integration as I’m moving all my work in progress to Godot and to have FMOD in there (especially for the .NET version) would be awesome.


Yet another interested party reporting!

Really cool to know you’ve got your eyes here as well :slightly_smiling_face: ! I’m looking forward to working with your plugin - thanks a million for the work you’ve put into it already.

@Leah_FMOD We’re of course also interested in support from fmod to make the integration even smoother and to have more resources available for documenting it in more detail - but what I saw so far is of very good quality.

Hi there, am an indie developer working on a sound-focused game in Godot 4, please also add me as an interested party. Thanks!

Another interested party!

I’m also adding myself as being interested in an official Godot 4 FMOD integration. :slight_smile:

Just getting started with FMOD and Godot myself, also
+1 for an official integration :+1:

Hello! We’re also interested in official Godot 4 FMOD integration :heavy_plus_sign:

Hello! I’m also interested in official Godot integration

Thanks all, your interest has been noted!

Count me in as interested as well! Seems like a lot of people would appreciate this integration, is there any news from FMOD team on that topic? :slight_smile: Anyway thanks for your amazing work <3