GUID doesn't match path that is unassigned

Unity: 22.3.10f1
Fmod: 2.02.15

The project I’m working on just merged two branches together. We’ve done this before with no problems. After the merge, when I add and 'FMOD studio event Emitter I get the error ‘GUID doesn’t match path’ - even though it’s empty.

If I press the wrench to fix it, I see a selection of random banks from FMOD with a GUID that is not assigned to those banks.

I have the same problem on custom scripts with sfx hookups located in prefabs. If I make changes and make an override, I get this error on all the prefabs with that script included.

I’ve tried: Clearing Git, deleting Unity Library Folder, building new banks, re-installing fmod for Unity.

Can I somehow reset the GUID settings? I’m guessing it’s the default GUID that’s somehow been corrupted in the merge, since ity only has 0’ in it.

Solved this: It was in my case caused by a corrupt master bank. Deleted the master bank, then opened Unity to let it register that there was no longer a master bank, then made a new master bank in fmod - problem was fixed.