How to limit sound volume of the same event that plays multiple instances at the time?

Hi, consider the following setup:

Top down game with hexboard and Camera above. I spawn multiple fires during gameplay on the game board and instance my fireLoop event on their positions. The more fires I spawn the louder they get playing simultaneously.

How do I limit the overall volume of all my playing fire loops to a max. volume?
I can’t limit the playing instances because I need all fires to emit sound.

I tried to add a bus group and only route the fire loop event to it and then adding a Limiter Effect, but that did not change the volume of my loops.


I sort of answered my own questions.
My solution, adjust the fire bus with the amount of fires via code.

 private void UpdateVolume()
        if (currentSoundsPlaying <= maxSounds)
            SetBusVolume(1.0f); // Keep volume at max if within limit
            int extraSounds = currentSoundsPlaying - maxSounds;
            float volumeReduction = extraSounds * decreaseFactor;
            float newVolume = Mathf.Clamp(1.0f - volumeReduction, 0, 1.0f); // Ensure volume is between 0 and 1

I’m glad to hear you were able to resolve your issue.