How to setup multi-platform project using Jenkins build automation

We recently updated from FMOD 2.00.10 to 2.02.03 and all of our build automation broke. Posting here because I think this exposed a gap in the FMOD documentation to help all users understand how to properly set up build automation (e.g., Jenkins) with FMOD, especially for multi-platform projects.

For example, in the earlier FMOD, there were bank files that persisted in StreamingAssets. In the latest FMOD, it’s recommended to ignore that folder in the git repo as they are “supposed” to be created at build time. While that is true for local, manual builds, it is NOT true for remote, automated builds. So the build processes need to be updated to match the latest “auto-magical” FMOD build steps.

I can’t find any mention of this in any FMOD docs, so raising here in the hopes that someone can explain the “right” way to setup automated builds with a multi-platform FMOD project.

I believe the troubles you are having are due to a known issue in 2.02.03 that has been fixed in 2.02.04. I have verified that multi-platform command-line builds are copying the correct banks to the StreamingAssets directory without needing to call CopyToStreamingAssets or UpdateCache as in previous versions, so I suggest you update to 2.02.04 and see if that fixes things. Please let me know if you are still getting issues and I’ll investigate further.