Resonance Audio missing min/max distance control & console support (FMOD Studio v2.02)

Hi folks,

FMOD’s Google Resonance Audio plugin now seems without min/max distance control on the plugin - is there a reason for this I wonder, as i would like to be able to set these values as per FMOD’s spatialiser. Things get loud only very close to source in Unreal. Perhaps I need an older version?


Also, seems all consoles including Switch are supported from this post, but if anyone knows otherwise please let me know! Multiple platform support for Resonance?


For 2.02, the min/max distance is controlled by the event-level mix/max distance macro, which you can find on the right side of the plugin strip when the event’s master track is selected (though you may need to expand the section by clicking on “Macros”). Additionally, I can confirm that Resonance is indeed supported on all platforms that FMOD supports.

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Thanks Louis, works and sounds great, but can’t get it to Package to Win build.

Besides entering ‘resonanceaudio’ into Unreal FMOD Advanced Plugin field, do you know if I’m missing something?

Many thanks

You’ll also need to add a text file called plugins.txt containing the plugin name to the platform’s folder in the FMOD Plugin directory. Please see our docs on deploying FMOD audio plugins on Unreal for more info.

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