Resonance audio features ported to xbox

Hello, wondering if somebody can answer a quick question for me:

I have been developing a game using Unity & FMOD for the past year, and just saw that a recent release of FMOD has added resonance audio compatibility with consoles, including Xbox. We will be shipping the game on Xbox so full compatibility with the platform is a must.

My question:
Which components of resonance audio are compatible with consoles? Am I correct in assuming it’s only the ones which come bundled with FMOD Studio & FMOD for Unity already – as in, the only Unity component I see from resonance audio is ResonanceAudioRoom and otherwise the ones included in FMOD Studio?

My main concern is around the idea of reverb baking using level geometry and resonance audio reverb probes. I assume this feature is incompatible with consoles since it would require downloading the resonance audio SDK separately from FMOD, correct? So I should just be working with the aforementioned Unity component ResonanceAudioRoom, the plugins embedded within FMOD Studio, and the FMOD API?

I’m more of a sound designer than an audio programmer so apologies for the basic question. Just want to make 100% sure before I dive in to porting my FMOD project to use resonance audio…

As you have surmised, FMOD only has out-of-the-box support for the Resonance Audio features represented by the Resonance Audio effects included in FMOD Studio, and the room properties represented by ResonanceAudioRoom in Unity.