Multiply EventEmitters Stops After Teleporting the Player (Oculus)

Hello and good day, I got the next issue (Unity 2019.3.15f1, I know it’s old but can’t update project right now) on multiple Event Emitters, the issue is this:

After teleporting the player from one point to another, the events stops after a few seconds, the wierd things it’s there’s many events, but just a few (the looping ones, 4 to be precise) stop playing, they are controlled by single code (the looping ones) at certain moments, everything it’s ok (starting<->stoping) just at the moment after teleporting is there where literally they stops, any help will be apreciated, thanks for your attention.


What version of FMOD are you using?


FMOD 2.01.11

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Thanks for that information,

Unfortunately, I was unable to reproduce this behavior.

Could you run a profiler session, steps to do so can be found under FMOD Studio | Profiling, then package the project and upload it to your profile.

Could you also check your FMOD Settings in Unity and make sure the Stop Events Outside Maximum Distance option is disabled found under FMOD -> Edit Settings -> Bahvior

Hello again.

How do you reproduce it?, in the project, I only have a single script to relocate the player at certain moment, if you do it that way and the event does not stop (make it sure it’s a looping event), then probablily, it’s related to how it tracks the camera position, who determinate how the event play arounds it. I have more than 4 years using it, but I never have that kind of issue before.

May be I need to remake the fmod project again to test if it’s related to the project or to the unity’s events controllers. If I found something I’ll let you know, greetings.

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Hello again, well it’s looks like a bug, because after restarting the project the issue has gone, everything works fine. Sorry by the big delay, thanks for your time.

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Hi, good to hear it is working.

Was the bug related to FMOD or something else?