set3DSettings - DistanceFactor doesn't affect FMOD Studio events

Is there a way to make “distancefactor” in…

FMOD_RESULT F_API System::set3DSettings (float dopplerscale, float distancefactor, float rolloffscale);

…affect FMOD Studio events? Or is this there a different way to do this (aside from bulk editing all of the events)


Distance factor is used to scale the speed of sound to your game units and it only affects the doppler calculations of events.

It’s expected that you build your events in the tool with your games units for minimum and maximum distance for 3D attenuation.

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I see, thanks for clarifying that.

Is there a way to go beyond the 10k max dist limit? In the game I’m working on, the scale of distance is quite high (e.g. it’s 10k between the left and right side of the screen)

If you want something heard through the whole level it might be better as a 2D sound or a 3D sound with no attenuation.

Most games that deal with large scale worlds have a moving coordinate systems because physics systems are only accurate with ±2k of the origin.

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